Community Cycling Center


Tom Hahn

- The Poster -

Located on Shelton McMurphey St. in Eugene or the community cycling center is a regenerative hub for the community that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together around a mode of transportation, fun and work. Focusing on the experience of cycling the project is based around the activity itself where riders can navigate around the rail site as they ride up and down the sloping landscape and experience the views that surround the area. The sire sits in a mixed development area including retail, housing, commercial and transportation at the end of a major axis, Willamette St. All these types of developments were included in the site to act as a center where the mixed community can come together at a single point. Wanting to address the end of the Willamette axis an underground tunnel was proposed to connect all modes of non-motor transportation making commuting easier for those who work in downtown Eugene. Bioswales, skylights, shading elements and thermal mass heating is used to reduce unnecessary heating + cooling and the negative impacts on the environment to create a better tomorrow.

Site Plan

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