Sunset Blvd Courthouse


Dennis McFadden

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Located on Sunset Blvd. and El Centro in Hollywood, CA the Sunset State Courthouse is designed to fit into a developing city. With Sunset Blvd being divided between large high density buildings and small retail stores/shops the street is in a transitional period that I am predicting will become largely high density structures that meet the cities developing needs. The Sunset State Courthouse uses a division of public space to create a courtyard which connect the interior of the building to the exterior and is an extension of the park that is planned on the corner of Sunset and Gower. The split public space also allows for an extension towards the North and provides views on every floor to the Hollywood hills. The courtrooms played a large part in the buildings overall massing/design and were emphasized on the exterior of the buildings facade to draw attention to the hierarchy of spaces that takes place within. A large portion of the buildings design was to create a simple circulation plan for all users throughout the building while still maintaining separate circulation paths for private, public and secure individuals.

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