Museum of Modern Art + Design


Virginia Cartwright, Jim Tice + Stephen Duff

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Located in New York on Roosevelt Island the new Museum of Modern Architecture serves as a gallery for past, present and future architectural exhibits. Consisting of two building masses connected by a bridge also housing an auditorium the building design takes ques from the context around it improving and framing views through the building from the exterior. With a focus on giving back to the residents of Roosevelt Island the building concept seeks to preserve and enhance public green space, creating rooftop terraces which provide visitors breaks during their exploration through the museum and provides sights out to Lenox Hill, Manhattan and across East River to Queens Bridge Park. With an alternating Solid vs Void massing on the building façade users find themselves being redirected visually to the exterior as they wind their way through the museum. The museum has users working their way from bottom to top as they navigate through museum specific retail, a variety of galleries displaying architectural work, a café, restaurant and auditorium for public speaking and educational events. Roosevelt Island has a rich history of architecture and adaptive reuse which is why museum visitors are invited to explore the island and its historical sites as well.

Site Plan

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Building Plans

Design Elements

Entry Sequence


Front Elevation

Front Elevation

Rear Elevation

Rear Elevation


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Daylighting Analysis

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Visual Representation

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